Before the Enlightenment, imagery abounded in every sphere of life to instruct, to prompt memory, and to inspire the community to action. John Skillen

David L. Hatton & David L. Hatton

Earth, Earth, Earth

a painting and poem by David L. Hatton


He Art, He Art, He Art, He Art—
before . . . behind our earthly start,
when, by His strong creative hand
that formed the sea and motherland,
He sculpted dust for lasting worth:
HeArt, HeArt made eArtH, eArtH, Earth.

His Heart, His Heart, His Heart, Heart, Heart,
seeking a world that fell apart—
pursuing souls who breathed His breath
to rescue them from realms of death,
re-image them by second birth:
His Heart, Heart, Heart for eartH, eartH, Earth.

Now Hear the Art . . . yes, Hear the Art,
Who sings—a course divine to chart—
inspiring Guide for human tales
with breezes blown to hoist our sails,
His wind instills artistic mirth:
O, Hear the Art call eArtH, earth, Earth!

Lost children of this groaning Earth,
return and find your pristine worth
as portraits of the Triune Love
in Father, Savior, Spirit Dove:
re-taste what Life and Light impart
from He Art, Heart, and Hear the Art!

— David L. Hatton, 6/28/2016


David Hatton: Earth, 2008, acrylic on paper.

For the full story behind this painting, which inspired the poem, see the article about it on David Hatton’s blog:


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