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Third Sunday after Epiphany, Year B

Third Sunday after Epiphany, Year B

This sculpture is entitled The Calling of Andrew. It was made in 2008 by the Dutch artist Dick Tulp and is located at the entrance of the Peter and Paul Church in Maassluis, the Netherlands. The people in this old fishing town can recognize themselves in this apostle Andrew, the fisherman who became a fisher of men. With all his might he pulls at his net, while his head is turned backwards, focused on the One to whom he is listening. His calling set him on a path that ended in his death on a self-chosen cross in the form of a chi or x, the first letter of the Greek word 'Christos'. We see this chi/x come back in the ropes of the net and in the body of Andrew. His whole life was dedicated to Christ. That was his calling, to let Christ be his life.

Marleen Hengelaar-Rookmaaker

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