‘Prepare ye the way of the Lord’ – that is what art does. Phyllis Novak

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Blake Prize. Exploring the religious and spiritual in art. The Blake Society, named after the visionary artist and poet, William Blake, is an independent organisation that administers an annual Exhibition and Prize for contemporary religious and spiritual art. The aim of the Blake Society is to encourage contemporary artists to explore the spiritual in art. The Blake Society was formed at the instigation of a Jesuit priest, Michael Scott, a Jewish businessman, Richard Morley and a Catholic lawyer, Mary Tennison Woods. They hoped that the establishment of a prize would encourage artists of disparate styles and religious allegiances to create significant works of art with religious content. (E)
CAF, Christian Artists Factory, Melbourne is a network of actors, dancers, singers, circus performers, painters and sculptors. Aims to provide a safe, nurturing place for artists to explore their spirituality and creativity. The CAF hosts several reflective retreats and an Artists Retreat each year. We also provide support, mentoring, referrals and encouragement for Christian artists whether they are professionally engaged, emerging artists or simply exploring creative expression. (E)
CASE, Centre for Apologetic Scholarship and Education, New College, University of New South Wales, Sydney. Organizes lectures also on the arts and has an online archive of lectures and materials. (E)
The Faith and the Arts Summer School is a practical week-long residential program that offers the chance to focus on a variety of creative arts. It also explores the artist’s relationship with God, themselves, and others through teaching, worship and sharing in the unique and picturesque setting of the Poatina Christian community in Tasmania’s heartland. (E)
Wesley Institute, Sydney. Australia’s first and leading Christian Arts college, provides outstanding opportunities for academic, artistic, professional and spiritual development in a supportive, creative and collaborative learning environment. Through excellence in Christian higher education, we seek to benefit the community as we equip people for Christian life and leadership in a range of influential vocations. (E)
Chrysalis Seed Arts Community, New-Zealand.On-line arts network of over 600 artists established by Chrysalis Arts Trust. Members can create profiles and show artwork, promote exhibitions, share resources and seek help, advice or feedback on their projects. Discussion forums, groups and events calendar. (E)
Atelier Studio/Gallery, Nelson, New Zealand, is positioned to support, represent, and promote artists of faith through the development of a network of Christian artists, a monthly exhibition programme, online representation, and annual arts competitions. The gallery space is available for solo or collaborative shows and will host curated group exhibitions that offer an opportunity for art and faith to connect with the community and marketplace. For information including proposal guidelines, gallery rental fees, floor plan, location, and gallery details please email You can follow Atelier Studio|Gallery on Facebook and Instagram by searching for @atelierstudiogallery.