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The Coat of Hopes

ArtWay Visual Meditation November 21, 2021

The Coat of Hopes

The Coat of Hopes – a Lived Fairytale

by Barbara Keal

Once upon a time there was a world on the brink of devastation. A world once mainly hospitable to life, where changes in climate happened slowly over hundreds of human lifetimes allowing its creatures to adapt and change. Some of the humans of this world found themselves uncomfortable and strove for a longer and richer life. In this pursuit they created machines, the running of which emitted endless gasses, increasing exponentially as “the many” sought to attain the comfort of “the few”. These gasses were making the world's climate unstable to the point that before long most would struggle to maintain food and shelter, yet the wealthy people could see no way to stem their greed. All feared to lose what comfort they had. And in the north of a small island the leaders of all peoples came together to decide a course of action...

And in this time some people made a coat, a pilgrim coat, patchwork of blanket pieces. A coat which made its way to that gathering too. Worn and walked from the sea on that island’s south coast by hundreds of people over hundreds of miles. A coat which carried, stitched into it, hundreds of pieces of blanket, collected on its path, each one embellished with the griefs, remembrances, prayers and hopes of a person or a community for their local landscape in the face of this climate collapse.

This coat traveled with a song to declare its work:

The Song of the Coat of Hopes

Ask me where I'm going
Ask me what is my purpose
Ask me what my name is
They call me the coat of hopes

Ever northwards to Glasgow, both worn and walked I'll be
Upon the back of anyone who'll choose to carry me
Through field, village and city, day by day from town to town
To where leaders are gathering like rooks before the storm

Ask me where... ( Chorus)

What is it that I'm taking to the one who will decide
If as a world we'll do all in our power to survive
Only pieces of blanket I've collected on my path
With griefs, hopes, prayers, remembrances for the lands through which I've passed

Ask me where... (Chorus)

So here's my invitation- come and make me who I'll be
Come mark your hopes on blanket and I'll sew them into me
A coat that's made by everyone, for everyone to wear
To feel my warmth, and the weight of responsibility we share

Ask me where I'm going
Ask me what is my purpose
Ask me what my name is
They call me the coat of hopes

All along its way patches were added to the once blank coat, until on the final night before the great meeting began, seven women sewed all night long to include all the remaining patches, and the pilgrim coat grew a train, and became regal.

From then on each morning the coat walked to the gates of the place where decisions were to be made, with drum, standard bearer, train bearers, song, and a sewn invitation to the leaders within to put on the coat. And each morning the invitation was declared full clear and with dignity. “Feel the weight and the warmth of our hopes, stand in communion with all who have made and worn this coat, stand in kinship with all life, wear the promise that we all belong together” and many who made their way to that meeting place did put on the coat. Some wept, and some danced, some stood still and closed their eyes, as time and time again the coat song echoed outside those gates. But the leaders of nations did not come out.

I was the guardian of the coat of hopes and when my voice was all but broken and gone after so many declarations and so much song, the coat and I left that city. We boarded a train heading south again amidst much love, much joy, much sorrow, much determination and of course much song.

And all is not yet told. For now we sit, folded, silent, waiting...

The space which the coat holds open for you who would wear it is that of the protagonist in this climate breakdown story. A space we must each step into, if our ever after ending is to be a happy one.

This is an invitation.


The Coat of Hopes is a traveling, community created work of performance craft. Instigated by Barbara Keal. You can find out more about it at

Barbara Keal is an artist and feltmaker based in Lewes, East Sussex, UK. Best known for her sculptural animal headwear.



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