Beauty is a gift that we discover, receive, and steward. Makoto Fujimura

ArtWay Newsletter and List of Books 2021

About the future of ArtWay

Dear friends and subscribers of ArtWay,

For twelve years we published a visual meditation each week, without interruption, and in two languages. Weekly 5000 subscribers received a faith-filled reflection on an artwork. They live in all parts of the world. Moreover, ArtWay’s website offers a rich reservoir of information and reflection on art and faith with more than 5000 entries.

After more than a non-stop decade of editing ArtWay, Marleen Hengelaar-Rookmaaker feels she should slow down and would like to phase out her participation in the day to day oversight of the ArtWay website over the course of the coming new year.

Ideally she would like to pass on the torch to someone who would be willing to tend to the English weekly meditation plus international news items and other sections on our web platform. In the interim weekly visual meditations in the new year will alternate with previous published ones.

It should be noted that ArtWay is an organization of volunteers and has been supported through voluntary charitable giving. It could not have survived without so much goodwill and generosity! 

We are thankful for all who support our work. Art needs no justification, yet in the world of large numbers art is often sidelined for the qualitative contribution it has to offer.

Your contribution is most welcome. We will use it wisely for the unfolding of ArtWay’s future. See below the details of how you can contribute.

The Artway team wishes you a blessed Christmas and abundant 2022!


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Artwork at the top: Eric Gill: Adeste Fideles, 1916



ArtWay List of Books 2021

Compiled by Victoria Emily Jones

Mary Magdalene: Chief Witness, Sinner, Feminist. Zwolle, Netherlands: Waanders, 2021. The catalogue of a major art exhibition on Mary Magdalene through the centuries at the Museum Catharijneconvent, curated by Lieke Wijnia.

Anderson, Cameron J., and G. Walter Hansen, eds. God in the Modern Wing: Viewing Art with Eyes of Faith. Downers Grove, Illinois: IVP Academic, 2021. “Should Christians even bother with the modern wing at the art museum? After all, modern art and artists are often caricatured as rabidly opposed to God, the church—indeed, to faith of any kind. But is that all there is to the story?” Here artists, art historians, and theologians collectively offer a more complicated narrative of the history of modern art and its place in the Christian life.

Baraka, Sho. He Saw That It Was Good: Reimagining Your Creative Life to Repair a Broken World. New York: Penguin Random House, 2021. “A deep exploration of the intersection of faith, creativity, and justice from acclaimed hip-hop artist and creative polymath Sho Baraka.”

Beaumont, Sheona, and Madeleine Emerald Thiele, eds. Transforming Christian Thought in the Visual Arts. New York: Routledge, 2021. “This volume explores how the visual arts are presenting and responding to Christian theology and demonstrates how modern and contemporary artists and artworks have actively engaged in conversation with Christianity.”

Beckett, Sister Wendy. The Art of Holy Week and Easter: Meditations on the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus. London: SPCK, 2021.

Glaspey, Terry. Discovering God Through the Arts: How We Can Grow Closer to God by Appreciating Beauty and Creativity. Chicago: Moody Publishers, 2021. The arts, says Glaspey, can be tools for faith-building, life-changing spiritual formation. Here he examines how the arts assist us in prayer and contemplation, help us rediscover a sense of wonder, help us deal with emotions, and aid theological reflection.

Gordon, Alastair. Why Art Matters: A Call for Christians to Create. Downers Grove, Illinois: IVP, 2021. “In a world of turmoil, art matters more than ever. Art can bring about political action, even social revolution. Art reminds us of the things that really matter. It lifts our eyes to eternity and show us the importance of the here and now. With illustration from contemporary art and reference to theatre and film, this book shows the importance of art for all, not just the professionals.”

Hornik, Heidi J., Ian Boxall, and Bobbi Dykema, eds. The Art of Biblical Interpretation: Visual Portrayals of Scriptural Narratives (The Bible and Its Reception). Atlanta: SBL Press, 2021. This collection of essays bridges the gap between biblical studies and art history, demonstrating the potential of such interdisciplinary collaboration for deepening our understanding of the Bible.

Roach, Stephen, with Ned Bustard. Naming the Animals: An Invitation to Creativity. Baltimore: Square Halo Books, 2021. Makers and Mystics podcast host Stephen Roach takes the reader back to the initial creative acts of God and explores the implications of Adam naming the animals, drawing out applications on how that merciful gift informs creative acts today of all kinds.

Miller, Catherine M. A Place of Beauty: A 21-Day Devotional for Artists. Fort Wayne, Indiana: United Adoration, 2021.

Williams, Jane. The Art of Christmas: Meditations on the Birth of Jesus. London: SPCK, 2021.