Beauty is a gift that we discover, receive, and steward. Makoto Fujimura

The Speck and the Log

Year C, 8th Sunday after Epiphany

Dutch tiles could be found in abundance in Dutch houses from the 17th century onwards. They contradict the widespread idea that Reformed citizens did not care much for art and the depiction of biblical stories. This tile from Rotterdam portrays Jesus' parable about the speck and the log - very literally, very graphically and a bit primitively. The man on the left makes a step forward and points his two indexes at the person opposite him. The man on he right seems to be taken by surprise, but he stands his ground. "You hypocrite," says Jesus to the man with the log, "you pretend to be better than the other man, but you very well know that you also fail yourself." Jesus urges us to remove the log that blocks our view of our own failings. When we do this, we will find out that it is hard for ourselves and thus also for others to face and tackle our deficiencies. Be merciful and do not judge, Jesus says, this must become part of the DNA of your heart!

Marleen Hengelaar-Rookmaaker

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