Art is no fringe attached to the garment, and no amusement that is added to life, but a most serious power in our present existence.
Abraham Kuyper


He Qi - by Ian Groves

An Interview With He Qi, Chinese Christian Artist (1998)

by Ian Groves

Dr. He Qi is a Doctor of Aesthetics and consultant to the Amity Christian Art Centre in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. He is a member of the Chinese Artists' Association and an executive board member of the Asian Christian Art Association. He has been teaching classes in Christian Art at the Nanjing Union Theological Seminary since 1983. The ANS editor Ian Groves spoke with Dr. He about his background and his thoughts on the nature of Chinese Christian art at the current time.

How did you become a Christian?

I think there are two ways in which a person becomes a Christian. One way is through being introduced to Christian faith through one's family background, coming from a Christian family. The second way is followed by people who do not come from a Christian family and come to Christianity of their own accord. They are looking for the truth, for the meaning of life, for answers. I came to faith in this second way.

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