Art is no fringe attached to the garment, and no amusement that is added to life, but a most serious power in our present existence.
Abraham Kuyper


Martin, Kris - by Jens Hoffmann

Kris Martin, In the Hands of God

by Jens Hoffmann
In the tradition of the memento mori, Kris Martin's work provokes viewers to reflect on the inevitability of death, but with humor, wit, and elegance. One of his best-known pieces, Mandi III (2003), is a black train station departure board that flips at random but displays no characters or numbers, implying that, in the end, there is only one destination. Martin has exhibited recently at White Cube, London; Marc Foxx, Los Angeles; Galerie Johann König, Berlin; and the Centre Pompidou, Paris. His solo Passengers presentation this fall at the Wattis Institute is his first one-person show in a public West Coast art institution.