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Abraham Kuyper


Francis, Kathleen: Grace Notes

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Kathleen Francis: Grace Notes, Art Bookbindery, 2015.

Can you imagine a world without music? Grace Notes explores the gift that music is to us. After the Temple was built, God instructed skillful musicians to play 24/7. Why do you think this is? Music has powerful potential to influence the way we think and live and feel. It can connect us with God and one another, bring healing, and penetrate our spirits with understanding beyond words. 

In addition to sharing her own thoughts on this subject, Kathleen has interviewed worship leaders, songwriters and musicians across Canada to hear their stories and vision for the role music can play in our lives. Although the contributors are Canadian, their insights are not confined by borders. 
This book contains study questions to facilitate one's personal study or groups wanting to take a fresh look at their church's worship life. Copies are available through or