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Christianity and Art



l’Agence Nationale pour les Arts Sacrés, Évry, promotes art sacré. (F)
ARC France is an ecumenical organisation which provides free guided tours to visitors in European churches and cathedrals during the summer months. (F)
Art et Parole. Association of Christian visual artists in Strasbourg. Every year two exhibitions. (F)
Art, culture et foi, Paris.This association stimulates and organises cultural activities and conferences about the visual arts in Paris that aim to preserve the connection between art and the Christian faith. Runs the Galerie Saint-Séverin, 4 rue des Prêtres-Saint-Séverin - Paris 5e. (F)
Art, Cultures, Foi. Roman-Catholic site with information about artists and expositions. (F)
Arthéo, Avignon. Group of Christian artists that organises a mini festival with an exhibition each year.
Artistes en Dialogue. Initiative to encourage dialogue between contemporary artists and the church. (F)
L’Art Sacré. Website about art and/in the Catholic church. Articles and information. (F) 
L‘Atelier protestant est un carrefour culturel, éthique et théologique de l‘Église protestante unie de France. Il est au service de ses communautés en région parisienne pour organiser et fédérer des événements en débat avec les questions du temps. D’inspiration protestante, L’Atelier protestant s’adresse à un large public par delà les différents positionnements religieux, spirituels ou philosophiques. Basé à la Faculté protestante de théologie de Paris, avec laquelle il collabore, son action s’étend à toute l’Île de France et au-delà. (F)
CASA. A Christian guild of volunteers welcomes visitors to religious sites in France every summer. Everyone who is prepared to share the aims of the organisation and is interested in the Christian tradition of such monuments is welcome to participate. (F, E, D, NL)
Comité National d’Art Sacré, Paris. National catholic organisations which represents the church and deals with the state in matters of restoration, commissions, closure of churches etc. (F)
Eglise catholique. Catholic website with information about exhibitions and cultural events. (F)
International Center of Stained-glass, Chartres. The International Stained-Glass Centre, established in 1980, collaborates with the relevant scientific, cultural and professional organizations in order to promote the study and conservation of stained glass and contributes to encourage its contemporary forms of expression. By organizing workshops, cultural heritage classes, practical training courses, exhibitions of ancient and modern stained glass and guided visits, the Centre is fulfilling its mission of diffusing information about stained-glass art. The museum workshop and its documentation centre provide the opportunity to become acquainted with the different stages in the design of stained-glass and to acquire knowledge about the art and techniques of medieval and contemporary stained-glass artists.,442.html (F, E) 
La Fonderie, 48 Rue de Lille, Paris. A network and community of artists seeking to value, inspire, encourage and embolden Christians working in artistic and creative professions. (F,E)
Georges Rouault Fondation. Website with information about Rouault, collections, exhibitions etc. (F,E)
Musée Protestant. Website for museums about Protestantism in France. (F,E,D)
Narthex is an extensive website devoted to the sacred arts, religious heritage and contemporary works of art. Information about all of the arts: architecture, sculpture, painting, music, literature, film. (F)
La Pommeraie, Morsan, Normandy. The goal of La Pommeraie is to care for, encourage and accompany artists both in their art and their spiritual growth. It provides: a place to receive creatively gifted people who work in a wide variety of artistic disciplines; a warm, welcoming environment where they can find rest and restoration physically, spiritually and emotionally; an environment where artists will find encouragement and time to reflect; a place that incites them to use their imagination and God-given creative gifts to produce new work. La Pommeraie (E)
Protetantisme et Images. An association of art historians, artists, theologians and art lovers in the Protestant churches. Organises exhibitions, lectures and courses. The website contains a lot of information. (F)
Le Marais. A Christian arts festival in Paris to initiate dialogue between believers and non-believers. (F)
Le réseau Arts Amis de GBU. Les Groupes bibliques universitaires avont maintenant créé un réseau art qui rassemble des artistes professionnels ou semi-professionnels, des étudiants en arts, en histoire de l'art, aux intervenants dans le domaine artistiques et culturel. Ce réseau existe pour permettre à des chrétiens de rencontrer d'autres chrétiens engagés dans la pratique, la recherche, l'enseignement et les études d'arts. (F)
Vitrail De France. Website with information about French glass and window design and production. (F)
Centre Sèvres, Facultés Jésuites de Paris have courses in theology and aesthetics/the arts. (F)
Collège des Bernardins, 20 rue de Poissy, Paris, organizes conferences and conducts research about religion and the arts and regularly presents exhibitions. (F)
Faculté de Théologie Protestante, Palais Universitaire, Bureau 9, Strasbourg: Jérôme Cottin is Professeur de Théologie Pratique here, teaching also about theology and art.  (F)
Institut Supérieur de Théologie des Arts (ISTA), L’Institut Catholique de Paris. ISTA focuses on the patrimony of the church and contemporary religious art in the world in order to foster theological discernment. (F)  
Arts sacrés (F). Bimonthly magazine of 80 pages about spiritualities and art, dealing with contemporary and old art. (F)
- l’Agence Nationale pour les Arts Sacrés. 
- Espace culturel Saint-Polycarpe.
- Maison diocésaine Le Cèdre.
- Centre Artistique Magnificat, Cloître de l’abbaye de Paray-le-Monial - Communauté de l’Emmanuel.
- Galerie Bansard, 26 Avenue de la Bourdonnais. Expositions of works by Catholic artists. (F)
- Galerie Saint-Séverin, 4 rue des Prêtres-Saint-Séverin - Paris 5e, started in 1990 by the diocesal organisation Art, Culture et Foi, Paris to stimulate the dialogue between contemporary art and Christian spirituality. Artists whose work has been shown: Jean-Michel Alberola, Marc Couturier, Gerhardt Richter, Emmanuel Saulnier, Pierre Buraglio and many others. (F)
- Collège des Bernardins, 20 rue de Poissy, Paris. (F)
- Galerie l’Eden.
Churches with exhibitions:
Clermont-Ferrand: Chapelle pour l’art d’aujourd’hui, l’église Saint-Pierre-les-Minimes
Créteil: Cathédrale Notre-Dame
Enghien-les-Bains: in the Temple d’Enghien-les-Bains
Paris: in the Eglise lutherienne des Billettes
Paris: Église Notre-Dame de Pentecôte, 1 place de la Défense, Paris
Paris: Église Notre Dame de la Croix
Troyes: Cathédrale de Troyes et Basilique Saint-Urbain
Versaille: l’église Notre Dame
Villeurbanne: Eglise de la Sainte Famille
Vincennes: in the Eglise réformeé de Vincennes
Website for museums about Protestantism in France: (F)
- Musée d'Allauch: Symbole et Sacré, Place Pierre Bellot. With Christian art from the 12th-19th century, an archaeological collection, and art from the Provence from the 17th-20th century. Also about the influence of faith on popular culture. (F)
- The Museum of Christian Art (Musée d'Art Chrétien) lies just northwest of the Museum of Pagan Art on Rue Balze in Arles. Housed in the chapel of a former Jesuit college (built 1652), the museum contains one of the most important collections of early Christian sarcophagi. Mostly dating from the 4th century AD, the sarcophagi are decorated with scenes from the Old and New Testaments.
- Musée Rolin in Autun displays a variety of interesting religious artworks, both ancient Roman and medieval. It is located next to the cathedral in a Renaissance hotel built by Nicholas Rolin, chancellor of Philippe le Bon. The collections of the Musée Rolin include several interesting Gallo-Roman artifacts, but the star attraction is a carving rescued from the north door of Autun Cathedral known as the Temptation of Eve. Carved by the sculptor Gislebertus at the same time as his magnificent tympanum, it is a huge work and a notably sensuous depiction of Eve. Also notable is the brilliantly coloured Nativity painting by the Maître de Moulins and a lovely painted sculpture of the Virgin of Autun.
- 15th-century hospital with the Last Judgment by Rogier van der Weyden.
- Musée du Poitou Protestant about the history of Protestantism in the region. With a Huguenot walking path.
- Diocesal Museum of Religious Art, in the old convent, 2 rue Anne de Bretagne.
- Maison du Protestantisme Charentais, Canton de la Tremblade (close to ile d'Arvert). Museum about the history of Protestantism in Aunis and Saintonge.
- Musée du Vitrail – 5, rue du Cardinal Pie. Museum about glass art (windows).
Chartreuse, 30 km from Grenoble:
- Museum for Contemporary Religious Art with works by Arcabas. (F) and (F, E)
- Musée d’Art Sacré de Chastanier, Museum of Sacred Art. (F)
- Unterlinden Museum with the Isenheim Altar by Matthias Grünewald.
- Museum of Sacred Art Dijon – Located in the church of the Monastery of the Bernardines the museum presents sculptures, paintings and textiles from the 12th - 20th century. Works by artists Jean Dubois (sculptor), Corneille (painter), Armand Calliat (goldsmith), Poussielgue-Rusand (goldsmith).
- Musée du Protestantisme de la Réforme de la laicité, about Protestant history from the 16th century till now. Objects, books, engravings. Open: Easter to September 20. (F, E, Nl, D, I, Sp)
La Rochelle:
- Musée Rochelais d'Histoire Protestante, 2 Rue Saint-Michel, with a rich collection of documents, engravings and diverse objects dealing with the history of Protestantism in Aunis and Saintonge.
- Church museum about the history of the Reformation and its impact on the region. Open Saturday and Sunday 2.30-6 p.m. from July to the third week of September.
- In het Centre d’Art Sacré Contemporain, Place Gilleson (in the modern crypt of the cathedral Notre-Dame de la Treille), the 130 works of the collection of Gilbert Delaine called La Passion de Dunkerque are exhibited in alternating exhibitions. Works of e.g. Sergio Ferro, Ladislas Kijno, Jean Roulland and Andy Warhol.
- Musée d'Art Sacré (Museum of Sacred Art), also known as the Musée de l'Oeuvre de Fourvìère, 8 Place de Fourvière, Lyon. This modest museum exhibits religious artifacts mostly from Lyon. A veritable treasure house of religious relics, it contains a large collection of works by goldsmith Armand Caillat. There are also permanent exhibitions of commemorative plaques, mosaics, religious paintings and ceremonial vestments. At different times each year there are exhibitions of religious significance. Opening hours: 10-12 and 2-6.,1.htm (F, E)
- Diocesal Museum, 13, Rue Marchant, Metz.
Monêtier-les-Bains :
- Le musée d'art sacré du Monêtier-les-Bains, 20 Rue École, Chapelle St Pierre. One of the best collections of sacred art of the Hautes-Alpes.
- Musée de la France Protestante de l'Ouest, Le Bois Tiffrais, Monsireigne, Chantonnay. About Protestant history. Books, manuscripts, objects.
- Le Musée diocésain d'Art Sacré. Three km. north of Romans in the church. Collection of more than 25.000 objects from the 14th-20th century. Sculptures, paintings, altars, books, relics, vestments and religious folk art. (F)
- Musée National Message Biblique Marc Chagall.
- John Calvin Museum (Musée Jean Calvin), Place Aristide Briand, Noyon. This is a modern museum dedicated to the French reformer, located on the site of his birth house in Noyon. The museum's collections include Reformation-era propaganda posters, works of Calvin, and paintings. (E)
Paray le Monial:
- Eucharistic Museum of Hieron, 13 rue de la Paix, Paray le Monial. (F)
- Permanent exposition of works by Georges Rouault in MNAM, Centre Pompidou.
- In Église Saint-Séverin a permanent exposition of works by Rouault in the Chapelle Mansart.
- Musée Delacroix.
- Musée Rodin, 77 Rue de Varenne.
- Musée Bible & Terre Sainte, 21 rue d'Assas. Its rich collection consist of objects that illustrate daily life in Palestine through the ages. (F)
Poët Laval:
- Musée du Protestantisme Dauphinois, Temple du vieux village, about the history of Protestantism in the region of Dauphiné. Also a collection of contemporary mosaics with biblical themes. Open April – October. (F)
- Musée d'art sacré du Gard, 2 Rue Saint-Jacques. Robes, liturgical objects and paintings, from the15th – 17th century. (F)

- Musée d'Art Sacre & Tresor Francis Poulenc, Parvis du Sanctuaire, Rocamadour. The artistic highlight of the religious complex at Rocamadour, the museum contains a collection of reliquaries, statues, paintings, enamels, cloths and many other religious works of art plus various historic documents.
- Musée départemental Maurice Denis, 2 bis, rue Maurice Denis, Saint-Germain-en-Laye with works by Maurice Denis, Symbolist artists, the Nabis and others artists who influenced the history of modern art like Gauguin, Sérusier, Filiger, Vallotton, Bonnard, Vuillard, Verkade, Ranson, Lacombe, Redon, Mucha, Anquetin. (F)
- Musée de l’Oeuvre de Notre-Dame: with works that come out of the cathedral and its surrounding regions from the medieval and renaissance periods (sculptures, windows, paintings by Hans Baldung Grien and Conrad Witz).
- Museum of church conservation of the cathedral, Boulevard de la Victoire 5, Strasbourg.
Varengeville sur Mer:
- Musée Michel Ciry, 6 bis rue Marguerite Rolle, Varengeville sur Mer. (F)