Art is no fringe attached to the garment, and no amusement that is added to life, but a most serious power in our present existence.
Abraham Kuyper


Cultural Guidelines for Artists - Calvin Seerveld

The strategy of giving away gifts: cultural guidelines for artists

January 20, 2006
by Calvin Seerveld
This article consists of segments previously published in Rainbows for the fallen world (1980, 2005) and Bearing Fresh Olive Leaves: Alternative Steps in Understanding Art (2000). For more information see
The historical reality we inhabit is complex. The scriptural direction is singularly clear: give back to the Lord and to your neighbour the gifts the Lord has given you, in a ministry of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5: 17-19), joyously redeeming the time despite the tears (Colossians 4: 5, 6).