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Daniel McClain - The Complete Works

VERITASSE magazine: Christian Art and Style, Spring/Summer 2007, issue 3.

Review of  The Complete Works of Hans Rookmaaker
by Daniel McClain:

When the Dutch art critic Hans Rookmaaker (1922-1977) published his best-selling 'Modern Art and the Death of a Culture' in 1970, it is unlikely that he expected it to be republished along with his extant writing more than 30 years later. It is a testament, however, to the vision and breadth of his work that it should be supplied so, especially in a complete English translation. In 2003, Piquant Editions released 'The Complete Works of Hans Rookmaaker' in six volumes, edited by Rookmaaker's daughter, Marleen. Piquant should be commended not only for the six volumes, but now also for producing a searchable CD-Rom version for a considerably reduced price.
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