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Materials for Use in Churches - New Testament

John, the Gospel of - Solomon Raj
Luke 1, Birth of John the Baptist - Murillo
John the Baptist - Geertgen tot Sint Jans
Mary, Magnificat - Timur Poerwowidagdo
Christ, Childhood - Gerard van Honthorst
Luke 2:41-52 - Young Jesus in temple by W.H. Hunt
Baptism of Jesus - Mari­a Inés Aguirre (MIA)
Matthew 4, Christ Tempted - Bible of the Poor
Temptation of Jesus - Gustave van de Woestijne
Matthew 6, Consider the Birds - Teresa Carter
Matthew 9, Calling of Matthew - Caravaggio
John 4, The Samaritan Woman - Alexandre Lettnin
Mark 2:1-12 - Paralysed man by Egbert Modderman
Mark 4, Boat in the Storm - Sadao Watanabe
Jesus Calms Storm - Evangelicae Historiae Imagines
Luke 6 - Parable about speck and log, Dutch tile
The Sower - Vincent van Gogh
Luke 10 - Bob Booth: The Good Samaritan
Luke 10, The Good Samaritan - Karin Kraus
Prodigal - by Michael R Carter
The Prodigal Son - by Egbert Modderman
The Prodigal Son - Margaret Adams Parker
Luke 19, Jesus weeps - Franz Gutmann
Christ and the Adulteress - Cranach the Younger
John 8, Woman Taken in Adultery - by Hicks-Jenkins
John 9, Healing of Blind Man - Gijs Frieling
Mark 9, The Transfiguration - Jan Verdonk
Mark 10, Bartimaeus - Kees de Kort
Mark 15: 39 - Tim Harrold
Mustard Seed - Imre Szakács
Matthew 25 - The Seven Works of Mercy
Jesus Blesses the Children - Cranach the Younger
John 8:31-36 - Doug Jaques
John 10, The Good Shepherd - Late Classical
John 11, The Raising of Lazarus - Roger Wagner
John 12, Unless a seed dies - Henri Lindegaard
Mary Magdalene - El Greco
Jesus as the new David - Cassiodorus
Stephen - The Stoning of Stephen by Ed Knippers
Acts 9, The Conversion of Paul - Caravaggio
2 Corinthians 4:7 - Treasure in Clay Jars
Colossians 1:16b-17 - All Things by Doreen Kellogg
Hebrews 11:1 - Hope by G.F. Watts
Revelation, Apocalypse - Marc Mulders
Revelation, The Last Judgement - John Martin
Revelation, The Last Judgement - Torcello
Revelation, The Last Judgement - Anthony Caro
Revelation - Tapestry of Light - Irene Barberis
Revelation 12, Woman Clothed with Sun - N. Gangi
Revelation 12, Sign in the Heavens - M. Streefland
Revelation 14, The Harvest - Beatus Facundus
Revelation 21, The New Jerusalem - Tanja Butler
Revelation 21, The New Jerusalem - Beatus Facundus