Art, like prayer, is always an expression of longing. Wendy Beckett

Christianity and Art



Institute of Orthodox Theology and Sacred Arts, St. Petersburg, Faculty of Iconography.
Sacred Murals Studio in St. Petersburg, Russia. Philip Davydov, head. 
- Museum of Modern Christian Art. Private collection of contemporary Christian art of the priest Andrej Jurewitsch. Still has no building, but has a good website and organizes exhibitions in Moscow and other cities in Russia.
- Andrei Rublyov Museum of Ancient Russian Culture and Art, 10, Andronevskaya Ploshad, Moscow, on the territory of St. Andronicus Monastery of the Savior where presumably the grave of the great icon painter Andrei Rublev is located. Icons of the 14-19th centuries including works of Moscow, Novgorod, Tver and North Russian icon schools. The Museum also represents the fragments of religious monumental painting from the architectural ensembles of the 12-15th centuries as well as Old Russian wooden sculpture and unique works of decorative and applied art. The collection of the Old Russian books features books and manuscripts kept in the library of St. Andronicus Monastery and hand-written books of the 15-20th centuries. The pride of the Museum is the collection of the original frescoes of the 15-19th centuries and copies from church and monastery frescoes preserved in the unique religious architectural monuments of Russia of the 16-18th centuries.
- Museum Church of St Nicholas in Tolmachy,  9 M.Tolmachevsky Lane, Moscow. Open daily from 12.00 am to 04.00 pm; the Church is closed on Monday. 
- Galleria Tretyakov, 10, Lavrushinsky LaneMoscow, shows icons and Russian art. (RU, E)

Nizhny Novgorod:
- Novgorod State Art Museum, Upper Volgian Embankment, building 3, Nizhny Novgorod. The collection contains old Russian icons to contemporary Russian art. With works by F. S. Rokotov, K. P. Brullov, A. K. Savrasova, I. I. Shishkin, I. E. Repin, I. I. Levitan, F. A. Malyavin, K. A. Korovin, V. A. Serova, N. K. Rerikh, B. N. Kustodiev, M. F. Larionov, N. S. Goncharova, O. V. Rozanova, K. S. Malevich, V. V. Kandinsky. (E)
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