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Europe organizations and websites

Europe organizations and websites

Ars et fides. Ars et Fides is an international federation of associations of volunteer guides which, at present, numbers some forty groups in different European countries, serving tens of thousands of visitors every year in cathedrals and abbeys, pilgrimage sanctuaries and small village churches. This is an ecumenical organisation which provides free guided tours to visitors in European churches and cathedrals during the summer months. Its mission it is to inform contemporary visitors viewing historic Christian art and architecture about the Christian history, theology and biblical understanding linked to these monuments. There are 50 of these associations in seven European countries. (E,D,F,I,Sp,NL)
Art and the Bible Website. Throughout the history of art many great artists have been inspired by stories in the Bible. On this site an ever increasing selection of their work is presented, with every painting linked to a related bible passage. (E)
Christian Artists Europe organises an annual pan–European conference for Christians in the arts. (NL,E,D,F)
Christian Artists Network of Christian Artists Europe, based in The Netherlands. A network of over 100 international associations and organizations in the various arts, many of which are European, while some focus on the visual arts. (E)
Creative Arts Europe (CAE), Belgium. Network of artists & art lovers who aspire to train the church in a Christian worldview, and permeate European culture with art that offers hope and life and enrich their society through the arts. Active in 7 countries: Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland, Germany, Latvia and France. (E)
Future Religious Heritage is the only European network of charities, governmental, religious and university departments, that work to protect religious heritage buildings across Europe. Registered in Belgium and with offices in London and Brussels, FRH was established in 2010. We promote Europe’s rich religious heritage, which is a shared resource for cultural, social and economic development. Raise awareness of the threats facing Europe’s religious heritage. Provide a communication platform for those working to protect Europe’s religious heritage. Share expertise and experience on common challenges. (E) 
International Association of Christian Artists has brought together over 100 Christian artists groups, associations and unions across Europe. Has a large info database. (E)
Religiana, a project created by Future for Religious Heritage, is a comprehensive resource to promote and protect European religious heritage. Featuring information on buildings from across Europe, Religiana serves two purposes: it promotes these buildings as beautiful and unique places to visit and facilitates visits by sharing practical information with users; whilst also helping preserve European heritage through highlighting restoration and financial needs.
S.I.A.C. is an international association of artists who work to Christian themes, for liturgical spaces and /or who live and work according to Christian values. S.I.A.C. seeks to bring together artists of many nationalities and backgrounds to share experiences and grow in mutual understanding. Open to creative artists of all disciplines – poets, composers, photographers, visual artists and writers among others.  S.I.A.C.’s primary aim is the promotion of all form of Christian art work. Organises conferences, workshops and exhibitions. Encourages dialogue with Christian churches on matters relating to Christian art and artists. Committed to ecumenism, S.I.A.C. respects all religions and churches. (E,D,I,Sp)
Institut für Kunstwissenschaft und Philosophie Katholisch-theologische Privatuniversität Linz Österreich Diözesan-Kunstverein Linz. (D)
JesuitenFoyer, Bäckerstrasse 18, Wien. Offers exhibitions and lectures, aiming to be a forum for open dialogue between contemporary art and the church. (D)
Österreichische Gesellschaft für Christliche Kunst, c/o Kreuzherrengasse 1A, Wien. For artists, church representatives and art lovers. Aims to bring art and religion in a fruitful dialogue. Sacred art as the visual message of religion. 
St. Virgil, Ernst-Grein-Straße 14, Salzburg,a Catholic conference and educational centre that places a lot of emphasis on the dialogue between the church and contemporary art. With an exhibition space and an artist in residence program. (E,D)
ARC Netherlands/Belgium is an ecumenical organisation which provides free guided tours to visitors in European churches and cathedrals during the summer months. (NL)
Art, Culture et Foi, Diocesan service of the Catholic Diocesis of Hainaut. Oversees the conservation of the patrimony and its use. Also encourages contemporary art. (F)
Creative Arts Europe (CAE). Network of artists & art lovers who aspire to train the church in a Christian worldview, and permeate European culture with art that offers hope and life and enrich their society through the arts. Active in 7 countries: Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland, Germany, Latvia and France. (E)
DOXA, Lombaardstraat 17, 3500 Hasselt is a Catholic group of friends who organize reflection sessions about faith and art and international expositions of contemporary Christian artists. 
Icone contemporaine, with information about courses in icon painting. (F)
KADOC, the Documentation and Research Centre on Religion, Culture and Society of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. KADOC collects and makes available heritage (monographs and journals, audiovisual and textual records) concerning the interaction between religion, culture and society in Flanders in its national and international context from the second half of the 18th century. The centre also organises colloquia and study days, exhibitions and concerts. (NL, F, E)
Kerknet. Website with information about different art forms in its relation to the church. Organises exhibitions and cultural manifestations. (NL)
Open kerken. Information about church buildings in Belgium and links to comparable organizitions and websites in the rest of Europe. (NL, E, F, D)
PARCUM. Museum and centre for the preservation and documentation of the cultural heritage of the church in Flanders. Extensive website.
Pro Arte Christiana, kunstcentrum PAC was founded in 1957 after the example of similar movements outside Belgium by the Franciscan convent of Vaalbeek. The main goal was to renew religious art in Flanders. Two monks of the convent, Geroen de Bruycker and Rik van Schil, who were eminent artists themselves, invited other artists to exhibit their work. They also gave advice concerning the renovation of ca. 400 churches. (NL, F, E, D)
Religieus Erfgoed Vlaanderen. An online databank for the religious heritage of Flanders consisting of convents, abbeys and churches. Gives information and advice for the preservation of these. (NL)
TOPA. Practical information, photos and descriptions of the monumental churches of Antwerp. (NL,F,E,D,I,Sp)
YOT. An experiment concerning space, man and religion in the Magdalenakerk in  Bruges (Schaarstraat). YOT organises small and big events with temporary installations in which interaction and spirituality are leading notions in order to create a zone of meaning in the church building. (NL,F,E,D,Sp)
Ellion Arts Foundation is a Christian artists organization for culture and intercultural dialogue. We have experience in publishing, art management of professional artists, exhibitions, concerts and art events. We have organized many national and international concert tours, visual art performances and ballet tours in Bulgaria and Greece for the last 10 years. Our organization is active in projects for social and civil society development and programs for long life learning. We have a page in Facebook: Ellion Arts.
Moderne Kirke Kunst is an elaborate website with contemporary art in Danish churches, covering 1400 churches, 1000 artists and 3500 artworks. 
Art Alive in Churches (AAiC) exists to demonstrate to visitors the wealth of heritage arts and crafts in the churches of East Anglia and their historic European links. With a series of annual projects it aims to build an accessible archive of information about church heritage and specific arts and crafts with links to the current day. Since its inception in 2008, AAiC has run long weekends of exhibitions and demonstrations in Norfolk churches on particular themes relating to the church buildings and their artefacts. AAiC has also incorporated two other projects into its work portfolio; the East Anglian Wall Paintings Database and the Norfolk Medieval Graffiti Survey.
L’Abri, The Manor House, Greatham, Hampshire. Residential centre for study and debate on current Christian issues with a strong emphasis on art and culture.  
ARC UK is an ecumenical organisation which provides free guided tours to visitors in European churches and cathedrals during the summer months. Our participants are volunteers aged between 18 and 30. In return for giving up three or four weeks of their summer, they learn to live and work as part of a community, appreciate other cultures and make the stones speak.  
Art and Christianity. Studies and promotes the engagement of the visual arts with church and theology. Has been formed to respond to the evident need for a forum in which the rapidly growing numbers of those interested in the encounter between the arts (especially the visual arts) and Christianity can share their interests, projects and concerns. They include artists interested in deepening their theological understanding, theologians and clergy interested in viewing the arts in a Gospel or theological perspective, and lay people with a non-specialist interest in both areas of all mainline Christian traditions. Art and Christianity aims to be a network linking people with these interests, as well as a pressure group seeking to improve training of clergy and of church people in general, an organiser of events of specialist and general interest and a resource centre. On the website the Ecclesiart section, a project to map significant works of modern (post 1920) and contemporary art in UK churches and cathedrals. 
Art and Sacred Places celebrates and encourages the interaction of art and religion by commissioning artists to make work in sacred places. While exploring and illuminating the relationship between contemporary art and spirituality, it finds new audiences for art and challenging new spaces for artists. Art and Sacred Places’ work is based on the conviction that art and religion share fundamental concerns and explore similar territory, albeit in significantly different ways. 
Arts Mentoring Group. Helps artists find spiritual direction in a postmodern landscape. Website based in a Reformational view of the arts with articles, resources and reviews, and a company for mentoring those involved in the arts.  
Arts Centre Group (ACG), The Courtyard, 59 Portobello Rd., London. The ACG is an association of Christians professionally involved in the world of the arts, media and entertainment who seek to integrate their faith with their artistic activities. The ACG aims to unite and support Christian artists and performers from various disciplines so that they can be a transforming influence in the world of arts, media and entertainment. Members are from many diverse Christian church backgrounds. The ACG offers publications, meetings, workshops and events which seek to support and encourage its members to be fully professional, fully creative and fully Christian.  
Arts in Mission, The House of Bread, Ross Road, Christchurch, Glos. Arts in Mission aims to encourage, enable and equip Christians both amateur and professional within the full spectrum of the arts and to assist the whole Church in mission. It runs conferences, missions and other events, and publishes the Arts in Mission directory. 
Bezalel is an artists' collective building community and aspiring for excellence.
Catholic Creators UK is for Catholic artists across the UK. We aim to unite our faith with our art for the glory of God by sharing our work, ideas and aspirations; discussing the role of Catholic art and artists in the Church and in society; spreading the word about Catholic artistic events. Welcome to get involved, whether you're a musician, actor, writer, producer, graphic designer, fine artist, film-maker, architect or from any other artistic sphere.
The Centre for the Study of Christianity and Culture, University of York, is an initiative which seeks to explore and explain one of the most important influences on art, music, history, literature and architecture. The Centre, which supports teaching and research, produces books and innovative interactive resources, and works with partners to create interpretation schemes for important historic churches, is located in the Humanities Research Centre at the University of York.
Chaplaincy to the Arts and Recreation. This initiative relates the Church’s ministry and mission to the cultural life of the community. Working in partnership with parishes and other bodies, the Chaplaincy’s wide-ranging work includes: offering an informed and respected voice concerning the relationship between the spiritual and the arts; advising on issues relating to the arts and on the commissioning and placing of artworks; relating the arts to spirituality and worship; encouraging theological reflection through conferences, workshops and retreats; assisting with communication needs and acting as a resource to the parishes in their mission. 
Christian Arts is an ecumenical organisation embracing Christian artists of all denominations in the UK and abroad. the membership reflects a wide range of artistic interest and disciplines. Some artists work overtly with Christian themes - others work to broader themes but their Christian faith and world view underpins their practice. Christian Arts started as the UK branch of S.I.A.C. 
Christian Arts Trust. A charitable trust for the encouragement, promotion and development of public appreciation in those arts which are essentially consistent with the Christian faith and have as their primary purpose the propagation of Christian truths and ideals. 
Christians in Architecture and Planning (CAP) encourages and helps all Christians engaged professionally in the practice or teaching of Architecture, Urban Design, Land Use and Transportation Planning to examine their profession and theories from a Christian standpoint. Publishing a newsletter three times per year. Organises networking and prayer support through the Internet and other media, seminars on topical and professional issues; runs Planning and Architectural Theory Groups.
Church Care is the Church of England's national resource, supporting all those in parishes, dioceses and cathedrals caring for their buildings. It is the comprehensive source of information for everyone managing a church building. Most advice on ChurchCare also applies to other denominations. Also about commissioning new art to enhance church buildings. Whatever the date of your church, a new work of art will, by its very nature, become the heritage of the future, be it a stained glass window, a sculpture, a textile, a painting, liturgical furniture and furnishings or other installation.
Churches Conservation Trust. We are the national charity protecting historic churches at risk. We’ve saved over 340 special buildings which attract more than 1.5 million visitors a year. With our help and with your support they are kept open, in use and free to all – living once again at the heart of their communities. Our estate is the largest single collection of historic churches in the country, ranging from the virtually untouched medieval in idyllic rural settings, to ornately impressive Victorian in busy town centres. It includes ten challenging inner urban churches, which will need new uses and significant funds to survive.  
commission4mission exists to encourage the commissioning and placing of contemporary Christian art in churches, as a means of fundraising for charities and as a mission opportunity for churches.
Creatives Network. The Church in London is home to a surprising abundance of creativity. We are a people whose work in images, sounds, music, poetry, theatre, design, movement, textiles, sculpture and digital media, shape the city and world around us. So we’re asking: what does it look like to be a Christian and an artist in the weekday workplace? What does it look like for churches to engage creatively with artists? We want to connect Christians across London who are already immersed in the creative world of this cultural and captivating city. (E)
Ecclesiological Society. For those interested in churches and their architecture in the UK, but also with links to churches and art in many countries.  
The Ecclesiastical Architects and Surveyors Association is a learned Society, founded in 1872 as the Ecclesiastical Surveyors Association, to promote good standards of design and repair of ecclesiastical buildings, be they churches, chapels, halls, parsonage houses or similar buildings, across all denominations. 
Freeform Arts, Oxford. This is a group of Christ-following artists in the Oxford area that is trying to create a community of like-minded people who want to engage creatively, sensitively and intelligently with all matters of faith, life and the arts. 
Genesis Arts Trust. Promotes the Christian faith in the arts and media through the personal ministry of Nigel Goodwin to numerous individuals in the world of arts and entertainment.   
Greenbelt Festivals, The Greenhouse, All Hallows on the Wall, 83 London Wall, London. An annual UK Christian arts festival with seminars, music and arts. Greenbelt promotes an annual Christian arts festival which explores and celebrates the Christian Gospel in relation to contemporary culture. Occasional arts events and lectures.  
Historic Chapels Trust (HCT) was established in 1993 to take into ownership redundant chapels and other places of worship in England which are of outstanding architectural importance and historic interest. The object is to secure their preservation, repair and maintenance for public benefit, including contents, burial grounds and ancillary buildings. Buildings of all denominations and faiths can be taken into care with the exception of Anglican churches which are eligible for vesting in the Churches Conservation Trust of the Church of 
International Society for Religion, Literature and Culture (ISRLC) The Society has international connections including close links with the American Academy of Religion, and groups and societies in Canada, France, Scandinavia, South Africa, Australia, Japan and Korea. It also maintains close links with the Centre for the Study of Literature, Theology and the Arts in the University of Glasgow. The ISRLC exists to promote the study of literature, religion, and the arts through its newsletter, its website and its contacts throughout the world with groups and societies with similar interests.   
The Lodge Studio: gallery, courses, talks and refreshment weeks at the home of David and Ali Thistlethwaite near Cirencester, Gloucestershire, offers a unique and inspiring setting for creative work.
Methodist Art Collection of Modern Christian Art. The Collection includes more than 40 works by Graham Sutherland, Elisabeth Frink and many other renowned artists. The collection can be borrowed and works are available for exhibitions.
Modern Religious Art. This website displays and encourages the work of contemporary artists who are in some way motivated by or engaged with the religious. By religion it means matters of ultimate concern. Modern Religious Art is not prescriptive of any particular belief system, it may contain contributions from artists who follow a particular faith but also artists of no faith or creed, and there will be those who consider themselves atheists, religious humanists, humanists, or 
Morphe Arts is a network of artists, writers, designers and performers. We offer free mentoring for recent art graduates and host monthly arts events. There are Morphe Arts groups in London, Scotland and Wales. 
PassionArt. PassionArt explores the relationship between faith and art, encouraging and discovering ways that creativity, art and faith impact our everyday lives. The PassionArt Trail encourages renewed dialogue between the artist and the church, extending both the gallery and sacred space by creating opportunity for artist and public to engage in non-gallery locations to explore themes related to universal human experience and spiritual journey. PassionArt also runs creative retreats and art and prayer workshops.
Pilgrim Hearts Trust. Pilgrim Hearts, based in Berkshire, provides creative arts workshops, and training for volunteers and training for groups working with vulnerable adults. We run team building activities using creative arts, communications skills and  workshops using the creative arts. We operate in a wide area.  Our creative arts workshops help people develop their gifts, and regain their self-esteem through sharing experiences and self-expression. We work with many Christian Charities and community groups and with the local schools.
Seeds. Christian creative resource service. Seeds has members in all arts disciplines. Seeds was formed with the intention of developing the use of arts skills in churches and led workshops in all arts disciplines to this end. Also offers clergy training courses. In the 1990s Seed started its involvement in schools, using the arts to investigate human rights and environmental issues. It developed theatre-in-education productions, led workshops and teacher training sessions and provided educational materials. Seeds aims are: To encourage creativity within Christian and secular communities; to provide creative resources; to enable churches to develop their own creative resources; to provide training in creative worship for clergy. Our members come from all varieties of churches. We publish a newsletter six times a year which includes workshop ideas for use with Christian faith groups.
Shieldfield Art Works (SAW) is an arts organisation based in Shieldfield, Newcastle upon Tyne. SAW operates on the intersection of contemporary art, theological reflection and community activism. As both an arts space and a project of the Methodist Church, it is committed to understanding how these three spheres can speak, interact and learn from each other. SAW believes art and creativity are integral parts of human life, and with art’s unique ability to articulate, question and enquire, we can enact positive change in our communities and the world. Shieldfield Art Work’s broad programme includes developing high quality art exhibitions, events, workshops, conferences and publications. 
Society for Catholic Artists. The Society of Catholic Artists is for those engaged as professional or amateurs in the various disciplines of the visual arts. Our membership includes painters, stone and metal sculptors, architects, stained glass artists, silversmiths, potters, iconographers, and more. The S.C.A. encourages high standards in church art. We are prepared to execute any decorative or sacred work, and we bring together Catholic Artists and interested laymen in spiritual fellowship and collaboration. The Regional Group, which enjoys participation in national and international exhibitions and conferences, meets monthly for a varied programme of events, discussion and support. Membership is open not only to practising Catholic artists, and artists with Catholic affiliations, but also all Catholics interested in the visual arts.
Sparks, London, a group of Christian artists working together. Contact: Mike Gough
UCCF. Works with students and college Christian Unions.The art section is called Morphe Arts (see under Morphe Arts). The website brings together a lot of good articles.
Christian Artists Finland (CAF). CAF covers all art forms from music & visual arts to literature, mime, videos, etc. There are members from all churches, and along with professionals, there are students and amateurs as members. CAF promotes come-together evenings and other connections and encouragement among its members and art lovers, and also the use of various Christian artists or art forms in churches and organizations. The members operate in the secular field as well. It collects information about its members and distributes it in Finland, using for example printed directories. Since 1996, CAF has had a web directory, introducing many of its members. (Fi,E)  
Image Archives for Church Architecture and the Arts, University of Helsinki, Department of Practical Theology. Architecture archive focusing on modern Scandinavian and European church architecture. (Fi, E)
Institute of Arts, Science, Action and Faith, linked to Creative Arts Europe. (E)
Kristillinen Taideseura (Christian Arts Society). Started in 1919. Member of the Kirkkopalvelut association (Church Resources Agency), and founding member of Tieteen ja Taiteen Kristillinen Tukisäätiö (Christian Foundation for Research and Art), which was founded in 1978. Through the foundation, the society has for several years given grants for artistic activities. It established Kristillinen taidesäätiö (Christian Arts Foundation) in 2011 to support and promote art education, to give grants and support art projects. Publishes the Ars Magna magazine annually. (Fi)
LEV (Luovan evankelioinnin verkosto - Network of creative evangelizing), Finnish network of Christian artists, one of the networks of the Evangelical Alliance in Finland. (Fi)
Not by Might is a blog that encourages Christian artists to be 100% Christian and 100% artist. NBM also wants to encourage believers to conquer new areas of their God given creativity to lift up his name and Kingdom on earth. (E)


l’Agence Nationale pour les Arts Sacrés, Évry, promotes art sacré. 
ARC France is an ecumenical organisation which provides free guided tours to visitors in European churches and cathedrals during the summer months. (F)
Art et Parole. Association of Christian visual artists in Strasbourg. Every year two exhibitions. (F)
Art, culture et foi, Paris.This association stimulates and organises cultural activities and conferences about the visual arts in Paris that aim to preserve the connection between art and the Christian faith. Runs the Galerie Saint-Séverin, 4 rue des Prêtres-Saint-Séverin - Paris 5e. (F)
Art, Cultures, Foi. Roman-Catholic site with information about artists and expositions. (F)
Arthéo, Avignon. Group of Christian artists that organises a mini festival with an exhibition each year.
Artistes en Dialogue. Initiative to encourage dialogue between contemporary artists and the church. (F)
L’Art Sacré. Website about art and/in the Catholic church. Articles and information. (F)
L‘Atelier protestant est un carrefour culturel, éthique et théologique de l‘Église protestante unie de France. Il est au service de ses communautés en région parisienne pour organiser et fédérer des événements en débat avec les questions du temps. D’inspiration protestante, L’Atelier protestant s’adresse à un large public par delà les différents positionnements religieux, spirituels ou philosophiques. Basé à la Faculté protestante de théologie de Paris, avec laquelle il collabore, son action s’étend à toute l’Île de France et au-delà. (F)
CASA. A Christian guild of volunteers welcomes visitors to religious sites in France every summer. Everyone who is prepared to share the aims of the organisation and is interested in the Christian tradition of such monuments is welcome to participate. (F, E, D, NL)
Comité National d’Art Sacré, Paris. National catholic organisations which represents the church and deals with the state in matters of restoration, commissions, closure of churches etc. (F)
Eglise catholique. Catholic website with information about exhibitions and cultural events. (F)
La Fonderie, 48 Rue de Lille, Paris. A network and community of artists seeking to value, inspire, encourage and embolden Christians working in artistic and creative professions. (F,E)
Georges Rouault Fondation. Website with information about Rouault, collections, exhibitions etc. (F,E)
Musée Protestant. Website for museums about Protestantism in France. (F,E,D)
Narthex is an extensive website devoted to the sacred arts, religious heritage and contemporary works of art. Information about all of the arts: architecture, sculpture, painting, music, literature, film. (F)
Observatoire du Patrimoine Religieux (Religious Heritage Observatory) is a French-based organisation dedicated to the preservation and promotion of France’s religious heritage. Founded in 2006, today, it has over 250 members who are responsible for more than 90,000 sites throughout the country. Observatoire du Patrimoine Religieux raises awareness, advises policymakers, monitors restoration projects, and much more.
La Pommeraie, Morsan, Normandy. The goal of La Pommeraie is to care for, encourage and accompany artists both in their art and their spiritual growth. It provides: a place to receive creatively gifted people who work in a wide variety of artistic disciplines; a warm, welcoming environment where they can find rest and restoration physically, spiritually and emotionally; an environment where artists will find encouragement and time to reflect; a place that incites them to use their imagination and God-given creative gifts to produce new work. La Pommeraie
Protetantisme et Images. An association of art historians, artists, theologians and art lovers in the Protestant churches. Organises exhibitions, lectures and courses. The website contains a lot of information. (F)
Le réseau Arts Amis de GBU. Les Groupes bibliques universitaires avont maintenant créé un réseau art qui rassemble des artistes professionnels ou semi-professionnels, des étudiants en arts, en histoire de l'art, aux intervenants dans le domaine artistiques et culturel. Ce réseau existe pour permettre à des chrétiens de rencontrer d'autres chrétiens engagés dans la pratique, la recherche, l'enseignement et les études d'arts. (F)
Le Marais. A Christian arts festival in Paris to initiate dialogue between believers and non-believers. (F)
ARC Germany is an ecumenical organisation which provides free guided tours to visitors in European churches and cathedrals during the summer months. (D)
Andreas Felger Kulturstiftung, Berlin. The website presents the work of Andreas Felger and informs about his books and expositions. Moreover, the foundation wants to promote contemporary art dealing with serious questions in a similar spirit as Andreas Felger. Offers an art price. (D)
Artheon, Frankfurt/M. International and ecumenical society for contemporary art and the church. Artheon wants to enhance the practice and theory of contemporary art in Lutheran churches and stimulates dialogue between artists, curators, philosophers, theologians and building committees. Artheon organises lectures, conferences and exhibitions. (D)
Bildimpuls, Patrik Scherrer, München.Contemporary visual impulses for the Christian faith.Many artworks have the power to get under our skin and to move us. Every two weeks Bildimpuls discusses one of such artworks, mostly stemming from the past five years. Together they form a valuable archive. On the website a list of current exhibitions, a bibliography and links to organisations and museums in the German speaking world. (D)
Christian Artists Deutschland. The aim of our organization is based on emphasizing the work of the Association of Christian Artists on a national basis in Germany. We are an over-denominational non-profit organization with members from various Christian backgrounds. We address both professionals and amateurs of any form of art. (D)
DG Deutsche Gesellschaft für christliche Kunst, München. Aims to encourage contemporary art. Founded in 1893 as a Catholic organisation, now ecumenical. Wants to be a forum for the dialogue between church and art, for creative discussion between artists, theologians, philosophers and art lovers. Exhibitions are organised in the gallery of the DG. (D)
Gemeinschaft christlicher Künstler Erzdiözese Freiburg. Brings together visual artists and architects in the archdiocese Freiburg to work towards a renewal of religious art. Meetings, lectures, exhibitions, publications. (D)
Kirchlichen Kunstdienst, Königstraße 54,Hamburg. An ecumenical resource centre for Christian art, which has a library (Nordelbischen Kirchenbibliothek) with 7000 books about Christian art in all centuries, a collection of 5000 20th-century graphic works that can be hired for exhibitions, and 30.000 slides about art and architecture. Organises lectures, courses, excursions and exhibitions. (D)
Kirchliche Museen gives information about diocesal museums and treasuries in several European countries. With short descriptions of the collections of more than 90 museums, opening hours, exhibitions and links to the websites. (D)
Kultur EKD, the arts and culture website of the Evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland. (D)
Kunstdienst Dresden. Visual formation, exhibitions in churches and advice for the Lutheran congregations in Sachsen as to paintings, sculpture, graphic art, paraments and church decoration. (D)
Kunstforum Matthäus, Hamburg, offers a program of lectures, courses, excursions and art trips led by highly qualified art historians. Founded in 1973 by art historian and theologian Professor Dr. Christian Tümpel as an academy for the church. Wants to explore the art of the art centres of the world with people who want to experience art with an open eye. (D)
Kunstinfo, Hannover.Art and culture website of the Evangelisch-Lutherischen Landeskirche Hannover. (D)
Das Rad, München. Christian organisation for professional artists in all forms of art, founded in 1979 after the example of the Arts Centre Group in the UK. (D)
Stiftung Christliche Kunst Wittenberg. Exhibits 20th-century art with biblical and religious themes. Mainly German, expressionistic artists. (D, E)
Stiftung Bibel und Kultur wants to promote the Bible in the public domain. Each year the foundation gives a price to an artist who has made work with biblical themes or content, while bringing this in a new way to a broad public. Every two years a competition between youth and children is held to stimulate creative interaction with the Bible. (D)
Stiftung St. Matthäus, St. Matthäus -Kirche, Matthäikirchplatz, Berlin. Open on Tuesday – Sunday 12 a.m. – 6 p.m. Wants to encourage the engagement with contemporary art and the dialogue between artists, the church and theology. This is the art and culture foundation of the Lutheran church of Berlin-Brandenburg-schlesische Oberlausitz. The activities of the foundation take place especially at the St. Matthäus-Kirche and the Dom island in Brandenburg. Lectures and exhibitions. Every last Thursday of the month: Discussion of one work of art led by an art historian and a theologian. (D)
Universität Leipzig, Religiöse Bilder und Kunstgestaltung im Unterricht. A project to help students, teachers and pastors to use art and digital images in their teaching. On the website an archive of images, an exhibition of religious art, a course to improve images and some articles. (D)
Verein Austellungshaus für christliche Kunst e.V., München. Aims to encourage art based on a Christian approach to life. Organises exhibitions and lectures etc. and helps with setting up exhibitions outside of Munich. (D)
Verein für christliche Kunst im Erzbistum Köln und Bistum Aachen e.V. Engages itself for the preservation of old artworks in churches and encourages contemporary art in the church. Meetings, excursions and publications deal with old and new art. (D)
Verein für christliche Kunst im Erzbistum Paderborn und in den Bistümern Erfurt, Fulda und Magdeburg e. V. (D)
Verein für christliche Kunst in der Evangelischen Kirche in Bayern aims to help congregations with matters of building and interior design, windows, sculptures etc. (D)
Verein für christliche Kunst in München e.V., Sendlinger Strasse 34, München. To promote old and new Christian art. Excursions, lectures, year book and art trips. (D)
Zukunft – Kirchen – Räume. Dieses Projekt wendet sich an Kirchen und Kirchengemeinden, Kommunalverwaltungen, Vereine und Initiativen, Planer und Investoren sowie alle anderen, die an der baulichen Anpassung oder Umnutzung von Kirchengebäuden beteiligt oder interessiert sind. Ihnen sollen durch das Projekt nützliche Informationen, Ansprechpersonen und eine Auswahl beispielhafter Projekte zur Verfügung gestellt werden. Außerdem erhalten sie Literaturhinweise und Hinweise zu bevorstehenden Fortbildungsangeboten. Ergänzt wird dieses Angebot durch den Projektaufruf Zukunftskonzept Kirchenräume. (D)
Eikastikon. Website about Greek art with a section about old and contemporary icons. With an extensive list of contemporary iconographers. (Gr, E)
European Center of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Monuments, Thessaloniki. The aim of the Centre is to promote scientific research in the fields of museology, museography, excavation, restoration, conservation, enhancement and study of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine sites, monuments and works at a European and international level. (Gr, E)
Greek Christian Artists Association. The organization has members in all fields of arts. Our goal is to unify the Christian Artists of Greece, demonstrate their talents within the churches but also in secular places. Our association counts about 100 members. (Gr)
Artists group in Budapest, some Christian some not, which meets once a month. In 2009 exhibition The Source of Hope. Contact: Simon Andras, (Hu,E,F,D,It)
Creata, Association Christian Artists Hungary, Budapest. Creata has 35 members: painters, sculptors, graphicians, art historians, musicians, actors and archaeologists who belong to the greatest Hungarian churches, the Roman Catholic and the Calvinist Church. We regularly organize exhibitions for our members, opened by our art historians. 
Christian Artists Association of Hungary. Our aim is the propagation and the presentation of the contemporary painting all around Hungary, organizing exhibitions and make easier the circumstances of the artists ‘ life. We joined the International Association of Christian Artists in1992. 
Crescendo Summer Institute of the Arts, Sárospatak, Hungary. The Institute provides an excellent opportunity for concentrated work in the performing and visual arts and provides assistance in preparation for exams and auditions. Excellent soloists and members of leading European and American orchestras teach the Institute's mastercourses to intermediate and advanced arts students that join us from more than 16 countries. (Hu,E)
Kerugma. Small business related to art and artists, visual arts products, supporting Christian artists. Adress: Müvèsz Tèr 4 , 2000 Szentendre.
ACG Ireland. Group in Dublin. (E)
Arts & Spirituality Ireland is an association that seeks to promote the study, development and appreciation of the visual and other arts as they relate to the Christian and other established spiritual/religious traditions and live spiritualities in Ireland and abroad. (E)
Association of Iconographers in Ireland, diverse locations, Ireland. This organization wants to stimulate contact between iconographers and wants to deepen their knowledge of iconography and the meaning of icons. There are exhibitions, an online forum, courses, lectures and other events. Courses are accessible for everybody, from beginners to advanced iconographers.
Building Catholic Ireland. In 2013 the building Catholic Ireland site is under construction. When fully developed the site will have images of art, architecture and sculpture from Irish Catholic churches that were built between 1850 and 1932. It will be a key resource for teaching and learning of Irish cultural history across all levels. (E)

Catholic Ireland. A comprehensive portal site for all things Catholic in Ireland. There is plenty of interesting material in the Culture and Arts section. (E)
Contemporary Christianity Faith and Arts Cluster Group. This is a collaboration of people interested in exploring faith and art and our aim is to encourage one another as Christian artists, explore the potential of engaging non-Christian viewers with our work, and address the sacred/secular divide in the art world. (E)
Dublin Diocese Liturgy Resource Centre, based in Clonliffe College, Dublin. The centre acts as a support for parishes and other groups to encourage and enable them to improve the quality of liturgical services, including also music and liturgical art. (E)
FaithArts is a website for those interested in the relationship between religion and the arts, especially the popular arts, and especially in relation to education. The perspective is Catholic and Irish. (E)
Glenstal Abbey, Murroe, Co. Limerick, is a Benedictine monastery located in Ireland and situated beside the Glenstal Castle, a Normanesque castle. The Abbey is known for its activities in art, music, and religious studies. The Gregorian chant is an integral part of the Benedictine monastic experience, forming the core of the Church‘s daily offices as they are chanted by the monks from morning (Matins and Lauds) through Mid-day Mass to evening (Vespers and Compline).
Gothic Past is an open-access resource for the study of medieval Irish architecture and sculpture. It is part of a research project in the Department of History of Art and Architecture, Trinity College Dublin. (E)
Irish Centre for Faith and Culture, St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, Co. Kildare. The Centre strives to make a long-term contribution towards serious reflection on the Irish Church’s adaptation to the changing cultural conditions of life. The forging of links with similar Catholic Centres, in particular within Europe, may help to filter a wider experience and parallel reflection into the Irish context. The current director of the ICFC is also the Professor of Faith and Culture in the Faculty of Theology at the Pontifical University, St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth, Co. Kildare. The research centre has organised a number of conferences and has published reports and books as part of its remit. 
Modern Irish Churches project is an off shoot of on-going PhD research into this area with the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland. (E)
New Irish Arts is presenting Christianity, resourcing the church and supporting Christians in the arts. The group was started as the New Irish Choir and Orchestra in 1994. It now has several hundred volunteer musicians working alongside a small group of visual artists and actors to produce a wide range of events throughout Ireland each year.    
SIAC is an ecumenical artists organization with a catholic background, linked with Pax Romana. (E, F, D)
ARC Italy is an ecumenical organisation which provides free guided tours to visitors in European churches and cathedrals during the summer months. (It)
Artcurel. Art, Culture and Religion. Website with a lot of info and links to artists and organisations. (It)
Ars et Fides Firenze. Ars et Fides is an international federation of associations of volunteer guides which, at present, numbers some forty groups in different European countries, serving tens of thousands of visitors every year in cathedrals and abbeys, pilgrimage sanctuaries and small village churches. This is an ecumenical organisation which provides free guided tours to visitors in European churches and cathedrals during the summer months. (It)
Artisti Cristiani Associati. Its members are active in the following fields of art ministry: Music, Painting, Christian Prophetic Dance, Literature, Media, TV, Art Counseling. Aims to promote the Gospel message, in its fullness, through the creativity, talent, and personal life of Artisti Cristiani Associati. Participates in Christian Artists Network. (It)
Associazione Arte e Spiritualità Brescia, linked to the museum of modern art in Brescia. (It)
L'Associazione "Guarino Guarini" per l’Arte Cristiana, Torino. Promotes understanding of and studies the liturgical and theological content of Christian art, especially below the Alps. Linked to Ars et Fides. Organises lectures, guided tours of churches etc. (It)
Associazione Italiana Amici del Presepio (A.I.A.P.). Association dedicated to research, exhibitions, preservation etc. of nativity scenes.With a museum dedicated to nativity scenes in Rome. (It)
Associazione Sant’ Anselmo. Association for the promotion of theological and religious culture. Organises lectures, conferences and exhibitions. (It)
Christian Artists Italy. Christian Artists organises a yearly conference. Aims at all of the arts. Our main goal is to equip artists with the awareness of the calling that God has given each believer to carry the message of the Gospel to the world, helping them to express it in whatever form of art and communication. Organizers, teachers and invited artists are coming from several evangelical backgrounds, mainly free-evangelical, pentecostal and brethren. (It)
Clarté, Artisti in Dialogo, Associazione Artisti del Movimento dei Focolari, Roma. For artists in all of the arts. (It)
Diakonia of Beauty is a service to give back artists to the Church and to bring the Church to artists. (It, E, Fr, Es, Por)
Icone Cristiane. Catholic website, dedicated to the development of iconography in Italy.
Mount Tabor, Ecumenical Centre for Arts and Spirituality, Barga. The centre  promotes visual and performing arts, organizes educational programs, and facilitates ecumenical exchange. Via Sacra, home of the Mount Tabor Ecumenical Centre in Barga, Italy, provides a context for reflection and discussion about faith and creativity, contemplation and communication, liturgy and beauty.
UCAI . Unione Cattolica Artisti Italiani. Association of Catholic Artists, with separate groups per region and a national conference. Issues journal Arte e Fede, 4 issues per year. (It)
UCAI Roma. Group of UCAI in Rome. Runs Galleria La Pigna in Rome. (It)
Religionslehrer. An endless source of inspiration for Bible teachers or even artists. Art sacré section with info on and links to a good number of Christian artists from Luxemburg to Germany, Poland, Belgium and France. With info about galleries and many links. A yearly contest stimulates the creativity of artists. Also discussion of a number of works of art (old art with Christian themes). This website also links to, a virtual museum with old to contemporary art ordered chronologically and as to religious theme and a separate section on contemporary Christian artists. (D)
Catholic Institute, Floriana VLT 16, Malta. The Catholic Institute is the cultural centre of the Archidiocese of Malta. The primary aim of the Institute is to foster Christian culture and education in Malta. Its activities include theatrical productions, concerts, courses, seminars, lectures, cultural and educational debates, counselling, exhibitions, prayer groups and retreats. 
l’Abri, Eck en Wiel and Utrecht.l'Abri is a place where people can come with their questions about faith and life. A lot of attention is given to the questions provoked by our time and culture. Theme-weekends, lectures, film discussions. An annual art week. (NL,E)
AKKV. Ecumenical artists association. Members are also member of  SIAC (Société Internationale des Artistes Chrétiens). For artists and art lovers. For all of the arts. (NL)  
APN – Art Project Noord-Nederland. Aims to encourage visual art from a Christian outlook on life and promote and give insight in this art. Organises exhibitions, an annual conference, lectures, publications. (NL)
ARC Netherlands/Belgium is an ecumenical organisation which provides free guided tours to visitors in European churches and cathedrals during the summer months. (NL)
Arsprodeo. Website with contemporary Christian art for churches and individuals of the CNV-Kunstenbond Vakgroep Kunst en Cultuur. (NL)
Artist on Film. Art Revisited Productions makes video portraits of contemporary artists that give insight in the way of working and thinking of the artists. (NL,E)
Bijbel en cultuur. About the influence of the Bible on Dutch culture, in the past and present. With many images of works of old and contemporary Dutch and Belgian artists, Jewish, Christian or not. (NL)
Christian Artists Europe. The International Association of Christian Artists (Christian Artists Europe) annually organises a European conference in the Netherlands for Christians in all of the arts. (NL,E,D,F)
Dwaze Zaken, Prins Hendrikkade 50, Amsterdam. Eatcafé Dwaze Zaken, opposite of Central Station, combines meals with expositions of primarily young Christian artists, music and lectures. (NL)
ForumC-Kunst, the art section of ForumC, aims to bring together artists and art lovers, to stimulate reflection from a Christian perspective on art and culture. Has a network of Christian artists and a website that discusses one artist every month. (NL) 
KORF. An association of artists from a ‘reformatorische’ background. Organises lectures, expositions and excursions. (NL)
Helikon, Utrecht. National art-historical institute for religion in art and culture. Courses, lectures, excursions and travels which focus on the religious background of the artists. (NL)
Instituut voor Christelijk Cultureel Erfgoed van de RU Groningen. Has an archive of ca. 3000 old and contemporary, Protestant and Catholic churches in the Netherlands. (NL)
Landelijke Werkgroep Kerkbouw van de Protestantse Kerk Nederland, Utrecht.For advice for the building, restoration and finding a new function for church buildings.
Missie-Zendingskalender annually publishes a calendar with artworks by Christian artists in Africa, South-America or Asia. (NL)
Odigia Ikonen Instituut. Conserves and studies icons and organises exhibitions. Website with a lot of information. (NL) 
Platform Kerk en Kunst. This platform of various organizations active in the area of the church and the visual arts aims to encourage and stimulate the integration of the arts in the life of congregations. It connects artists and churches and organizes symposiums and exhibitions. and (NL) 
Prof. Dr G. van der Leeuw Stichting, meeting centre of church and art with an open eye to what is happening in contemporary culture. (NL)
Rookmaakerkring ForumC aims to reflect about culture and art from a Christian worldview.Consists of students, teachers, art historians, theologians and musicians. (NL)
Stichting ART FOR ALL. Artists go to areas of war and poverty to give children the opportunity to express themselves artistically. (NL)
Stichting Collaboration Art Projects International organises visual art projects for the less fortunate in the Netherlands and elsewhere in the world. Led by Jan Haen, painter and pater redemptorist. (NL,E)
Stichting Docete publishes visual materials for Bible and religion teachers and publishes cards and posters with contemporary religious art. Series of slides, e.g. by Kees de Kort are distributed all over the world. (NL) and (NL)
Stichting Eikonikon, Amsterdam. Gives information about icons and icon painting courses inside and outside The Netherlands. Publishes the journal Eikonikon. (NL)
Studiecentrum Soeterbeeck. Conference centre of the Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen in Ravenstein. With lectures, courses, workshops and expositions. Aims to stimulate academic dialogue about culture, society and worldview. Also about visual art. (NL)
Vermeulen Brauckman Stichting. Supports cultural projects within the Dutch language zone that let the Bible speak in new ways. Issues an annual award together with Museum Catharijneconvent. (NL)  
Contemporary Christianity website is the website of a Northern Ireland based group whose website relates Christianity to various cultural issues including the arts. Archives include articles and talks. Also there is a cluster group which meets monthly to discuss faith and the arts.
ACG Ireland. Group in Belfast. E)
Bergen 1517. Welcome to Bergen – Norway’s Reformation City! This website invites you to discover the religious history of Bergen, medieval Norway’s royal residence. Today, it is the country’s second largest city. In 2017, Bergen was also Norway’s official Reformation City, for the 500th anniversary of the start of the Lutheran Reformation.  Read more… The ‘Walking Tour‘ is a self-guided city walk of about 5 km in and around Bergen’s city centre. It connects thirteen locations where the ‘long Reformation’ can be discovered. ‘Hordaland Churches‘ invites you to travel beyond the city limits to ten fascinating religious heritage sites in Hordaland county. ​
Jakob Culture Church, Hausmannsgate 14, Oslo. Jakob Church of Culture is situated in the eastern part of central Oslo. It is an old neo gothic church building, that in 2000 was taken over by record company KKV (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) and turned it into a sacred building for the arts. First of all it serves as a brilliant concert facility, housing 550 people, but besides that, theatre performances and art exhibitions frequently take place in the old building. (N, E)
KULT – Center for Arts, Culture and Church, Oslo. (N)
Norske Kirke: Kirke – Kunst – Kultur. Pages on the website of the Norwegian (Lutheran) Church about church architecture, visual art, music and the cultural department. (N)
Valestrand Culture Church, Sveio. (N)
Association Music & Art/Christian Artists.  This association brings together artists, is doing tours & concerts, is doing workshops and wants to minister in the district of Poznan and accross Poland. Our regular collaborators are Christian professional artists: painters, a graphic designer, musicians, poets, worship leaders, Philadelphia band. Organizing exhibitions, art and poetry presentations, worship concerts, rock concerts we reach hundreds of young people every year. (P) 
Pro Arte Sacra Foundation, ZauÅ‚ek Åšw. BartÅ‚omieja 1, 80-847 GdaÅ„sk. Supporting organizational and financial development of sacred art in Poland. Maintenance and development of heritage and cultural traditions of sacred art. 
Prisma - Arte & Comunicação. Prisma, Arte & Comunication, in existence in various forms since 1990, has evolved into a think-tank, communications resource, and production entity. Under the direction of founders Dale and Lurdes Saramago Chappell, Prisma is recognized in the general artistic marketplace of Portugal for it's shaping and representation of professional Christian artists and the underlying objective of actively participating in the development of thoughtful art and communication both within the Church and society at large. 
Atelier Plus, a group of Christian visual artists (paintings, sculpture, photography, ceramics etc.) who meet weekly to talk, pray, eat, plan, work and organize expositions together. (Ro) and (Ro)
Christian Research Center, Oradea. We have members from different fields of activity. The organization is ecumenical. Special interests of our organization are: Protection, research and evaluation of the religious arts heritage; Popularization of the contemporary art-achievements - through art-exhibitions, symposiums, meetings, publications; Protection of the Christian human values - through lectures, courses, scholarships. During the years we established three important collections in our town: The Baroque Painting Gallery, The Catholic Church’s Treasury, The Reformed Church Museum.
Fundatia El was legally established in 1995 by Liviu Mocan and Radu Bocaniciu, with main objectives: The creation and/or organisation of art, art symposiums, seminars and conferences, happenings and performances aiming at presenting a Christian perspective on contemporary art in the fields of sculpture, painting, graphics, film, music, performing arts. The founding members of El Foundation come from a Baptist background, but in the selection of art artists, no preference is given to any Christian background. The activities of the Founation take place in various settings, from church facilities to national art museum, commercial art galleries or in the street. In our events, we strive to present Christ to the lay world, while proclaiming Him in the church through modern, contemporary means of expression.
ACG Scotland has groups in Edinburgh and Glasgow. (E)
Interface Arts is passionate about seeing Christian art students live wholeheartedly for Jesus: both in the way that they create, and also in the way that you do life at art college. The blog offers info about events, books to read, talks to listen to, thoughts on art and the gospel and more. (E)
Morphe Arts is a network of artists, writers, designers and performers. We offer free mentoring for recent art graduates and host monthly arts events. There are Morphe Arts groups in London, Scotland and Wales. (E) 
Scottish Redundant Churches Trust (SRCT) was established to secure the survival of outstanding churches threatened with closure. By acquiring these churches and by conserving them intact as historic buildings, the SRCT aims to preserve a valuable part of Scotland’s heritage for the future. (E)
Soul Marks Trust, Edinburgh. Carol Marples is the creative director for the Soul Marks Trust, which was established in 2003 to “encourage and enable creativity using all the senses, particularly through the visual arts, to express and inspire faith in God.” Carol has been involved in creating visuals for worship, setting up quiet spaces, and leading workshops throughout Scotland and other parts of the world for the past 20 years. (E) 
Transpositions, St. Andrews, is the official blog of the Institute for Theology, Imagination, and the Arts at the University of St Andrews. Transpositions’ goal is to create conversations between Christian theology and the arts. (E)
Wayfarer Trust - Freswick Castle. The Wayfarer Trust works with people in the arts and media to provide strong encouragement and powerful creative and spiritual inspiration. Freswick Castle in the Scottish highlands is open for personal or group retreats. and (E)
Christian Cultural Centre.
Bonart, Trnava. Bonart is trying to unite and to inspire artists in this nation and to invite artists from other parts of Europe to join. The majority of members are active in the visual arts. Bonart works on ecumenical principles. Bonart has a strong connection with Ukraine (artists).
Multifestival David. Annual Arts Festival by Christians in the Arts in Spain.  Multifestival David is a Christian meeting of music and contemporary art dedicated to the service of the evangelization in our society. It was born in a postconciliar atmosphere where artists and pastoral agents from different groups and traditions were working in the search of new forms of celebration and faith communication that could unite the tradition with creativity, according to the present times. Every year we publish the program of Multifestival, with the schedules, artists, activities and articles about different issues. The Multifestival David has taken place also in countries like Mexico, Uruguay, Perú, Puerto Rico, USA, Italy. (Sp)
Nártex is a member of the international federation Ars et Fides, organizing and training volunteer guides who help people discover the rich religious heritage of historic churches and monasteries in Spain and other European countries. (Sp)
Art and Act. Ecumenical art and culture organisation aiming to encourage young people to use their talents. For all of the arts. Organises summer school «Summer Art Session» and expositions. For artists, art lovers and churches. (D) 
Arters est un projet suisse romand qui souhaite encourager les artistes croyants. (F)
Arts+, Münchenstein. Culture section of the Schweizerischen Evangelischen Allianz (SEA), the evangelical alliance. Brings together artists of all disciplines. Supports artists and promotes art in church and society. Each year they give out the Kulturpreis PrixPlus. (D)
Crescendo Artists - Inspirée du mouvement Crescendo international, fondé en 1985 par Airi et Beat Rink à Bâle, Crescendo Artists (CA) est une association culturelle non-profit basée à Lutry, qui vise à créer des projets où les arts, la spiritualité et la solidarité se rencontrent. Pour nos projets, nous collaborons avec des artistes locaux qui s'identifient avec la vision de notre association. En tant que fondateur, Dan Marginean souhaite désormais favoriser la récurrence de ces projets et cela, dans le but final de créer une communauté dynamique et investie à travers la Suisse Francophone. Cultes Artistiques: Cultes différents qui intègrent plusieurs types d’expressions artistiques de qualité qui valorisent la beauté au service de l’Evangile.
Soul Works Foundation. Soul Works Foundation aims at the support and advancement of art to the benefit of society and the honour of God. Soul Works Foundation wants to promote a high standard of excellence. It has set up a sponsoring concept for artists. Until 2009 SWF had its own gallery/atelier. Sculptor Bryan Haab is its founder and president. (D)
St. Lukasgesellschaft für Kunst und Kirche. Large ecumenical organisation for visual artists, architects, theologians, art historians, etc. Publishes journal Forum Kunst und Kirche. Links to websites of many artists and organizations. (D)
VBG Fachkreis Architektur, for architects and artists. The VBG is an oecumenical Christian movement aiming to connect faith and thinking and to encourage a Christianity that encompasses all aspects of life. (D)