He who has most sympathy with his subject will obtain the best results. Henry Ossawa Tanner

Visual meditations

Jan Toorop: Apostles Window

Maurice Denis cited the Apostles Window by Jan Toorop at the Titus Brandsma Memorial Church in Nijmegen as a source of hope for a renaissance of religious art.

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Human Ants, Liverpool Street, Melbourne

On the Gifts of Street Art

by Jason Goroncy

These works represent an act of reclaiming public space for citizens rather than merely consumers.

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Exhibitions and events


List of exhibitions in galleries, museums and churches.

Plus a list of conferences, lectures and events, with a special focus on Europe.

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Christian calendar

Year B, Proper 25

Here we see Bartimaeus, enclosed up to his neck in a dark brown and black outfit.

The mourning bands on the sleeves and the frayed edges testify to a handicapped life.

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Materials for Churches

Theodore Prescott: Taste and See, detail

Materials for Churches

Here you find materials for use in churches, categorized according to the Christian calendar.

There are also materials about the Old and New Testament.

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Church of the month

England: All Saints Parish Church, Tudeley

by Jonathan Evens

Inside the church I am immediately immersed in intense colours – rich and deep marine blue, with blends of burgundy and bottle green.

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Art and Poetry

Pádraig Ó Tuama & Leo G. Franchi

How to be alone

It all begins with knowing
nothing lasts forever,
so you might as well start packing now. In the meantime, practice being alive.

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Art and Music

still from video I can Cross the Sea

The Welcome Wagon

I can cross the sea
If you’ll come with me
Take a seat beside
We’ll cross this water wide

I feel strong when we are together

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In the Spotlight

Sacred Geometry in Christian Art

by Sophie Hacker

This blog unravels aspects of sacred geometry and how it has inspired art and architecture for millennia including contemporary art. 

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