Art is no fringe attached to the garment, and no amusement that is added to life, but a most serious power in our present existence.
Abraham Kuyper

Visual meditations

Andrea Büttner: Beggars

‘Littleness’ is one of the pivotal points around which the art of Andrea Büttner turns. It does not mean inferiority. It stands for a sober, dignified, and serviceable attitude.

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Gardner & Gardner: I will learn to sit with you and I will learn to listen

Artist duo Gardner & Gardner

by Elizabeth Kwant

During COP26 artist duo Gardner & Gardner installed their work I will learn to sit with you and I will learn to listen in Glasgow Cathedral.

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Exhibitions and events


List of exhibitions in galleries, museums and churches.

Plus a list of conferences, lectures and events, with a special focus on Europe.

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Christian calendar

The Speck and the Log

For Year C, 8th Sunday after Epiphany

Jesus urges us to remove the log that blocks our view of our own failings. Be merciful and do not judge, he urges.

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Materials for Churches

Theodore Prescott: Taste and See, detail

Materials for Churches

Here you find materials for use in churches, categorized according to the Christian calendar.

There are also materials about the Old and New Testament.

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Church of the month

England: All Saints Parish Church, Tudeley

by Jonathan Evens

Inside the church I am immediately immersed in intense colours – rich and deep marine blue, with blends of burgundy and bottle green.

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Art and Poetry

Luci Shaw & Worku Goshu

Angels everywhere

Some days I notice angels everywhere, light glancing through windows, flying through window glass as if it were air. Often in the blue heaven a trail of light from a plane to me appears

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Art and Music

video still

All Sons & Daughters

All Creatures of our God and King

All Sons & Daughters had the amazing opportunity to sing these ancient words penned by Saint Francis in his hometown of Assisi. With cicadas in the background!

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In the Spotlight

The Seven Works of Mercy in Art

by Marleen Hengelaar-Rookmaaker

This overview will show that
these artworks from different ages
mirror the theological ideas
and the charitable works of their times.

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