Art is the John the Baptist of the heart, preparing its affections for Christ. Jacques Maritain

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First of all we send out visual meditations, see ‘Receive our visual meditations’ for more information. The most recent meditations will appear in the ‘visual meditations’ section, older meditations can be found under ‘Artists’. In this way ArtWay aims to open eyes for the beauty and meaning of art.
The focus of the website is on Europe, though not exclusively. In this way the website will work in two directions. It will help Europeans know what is going on in the rest of the world and it will inform the rest of the world about Europe. As Europe is divided by a multitude of linguistic and cultural boundaries, the developments in the various countries tend to remain hidden to each other and to other continents. We want to track down the most important artists and organizations from the European Union and make them more widely known. In North-America and Asia this work has already been done, but for Europe this still needs to happen.
We offer discussions of artists and their work, in which we strive to also highlight the spiritual background of the artist in relation to their work.
In the section Christianity and Art you will find information about websites and organizations, educational institutions, and museums and galleries.
Under Articles you will find articles about various subjects and under Books information about books. See especially the list of recommended books.
ArtWay wishes to stimulate the reflection on the role of images in church. That we live in a visual culture and also Christians have become more directed towards imagery, makes this reflection all the more relevant. The image can also contribute to the deeper inner experience we are searching as people of or time. ArtWay therefore offers materials and resources for good images for the church, whether it concerns church architecture (exterior and interior), liturgical focus, church windows, ideas for projections for more contemporary services as well as the church newsletters. See the Church and Art section. 
In order to show that special and inspiring churches are still being built, we have initiated the Church of the Month section. Once a month an outstanding contemporary church will be discussed. We strive to deal with churches from different countries each month of a particular year. You are invited to send us suggestions about remarkable churches.
You will also find that we devote attention to the Christian calendar, as it offers us a way to live our daily life in the pattern of that of Jesus and it provides us with a framework for dealing with the major themes of our faith in an ordered fashion. You can find articles about this on the website and also materials for the various seasons of the year. See under ‘Church & Art’ and in the special ‘Christian calendar’ section.
We are working on the development of materials that combine word and image, see the Word and Image Bible Studies. The studies can be used for group discussions or personal reflection. They could be used by Bible study groups that would like to try a different approach to the text in order to gain fresh insights. We are aiming to have ten of these studies ready by 2012, so that there is enough materials for ten sessions (or a year). Do try some of the studies with your group and let us know what you think.
The multimedia presentations are short films which combine music and image for personal use or in church or group gatherings. Give us your feedback.
With the travel tips we provide a list of many places in Europe that are worth a visit. We have focused on interesting churches, museums and galleries of Christian artists, while also listing the big museums that you should not miss. Needless to say the lists are not complete. Let us know if you have discovered other places of interest.
Under Blog you will find information about new books, special exhibitions and events and under Exhibitions and Events a list of conferences and the present exhibitions. 
Every few weeks, In the spotlight will feature an article that we feel deserves your special attention.
We have devoted a section to materials by and about art historian H.R. Rookmaaker. We decided to include these first of all because he was and is a source of inspiration to us, but also to create a space on the internet where people who are interested in his work can find some of it. See the section on the home page and under 'Articles'.
As you can see there is an English and a Dutch side to this website. If you do read Dutch, you can find different articles, artist discussions, authors and materials on the Dutch side; the two sides are not the same.
In case you cannot find the desired information on the website, we are happy to help you with advice. Perhaps you are searching for an image for a publication or a work of art for your living room. Or you are looking for information for a paper or thesis. Or your church wants to change the interior of the church building or is looking for an architect. We gladly assist you with our connections and resources.
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