Art is God’s idea

Christianity and Art



Ellion Arts Foundation. Members in all of the arts. Our goal is to influence every area of social and cultural life with Christian moral and ethics and to show the meaning of Christianity in contemporary life. We are helping Bulgarian Christian artists to promote their art works and participate in different art events in Bulgaria and Europe. The organization works for European integration through Christian culture, organizing art events, exhibitions, classical music concerts, seminars, workshops and publishing.
Academy of Serbian Orthodox Church for Fine Arts and Conservation, Belgrade.
St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo, Christian Archaeology and Art at the Faculty of Theology,Todor Enchev chief assistant professor; Department of Church Arts, Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Desislava Ivanova, Senior Assistant Professor.
The Bulgarian province Macedonia:   
- The convent of Rila, which lies 1147 meters high. With its 500 cells for monks and 1000 rooms for pelgrims this is the largest convent of the Balkan peninsula. The convent was founded in the 9th century by Ivan Rilski. The walls of the church are covered with beautiful murals.  
- Close to the border with Greece: the Rozjen convent with its murals with the famous staircase of Johannes Klimakos.         
- The Alexander Nevski Cathedral. The choir of this cathedral is very famous. In the old crypt you can see a great collection of icons.