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Christian Artists Finland (CAF). CAF covers all art forms from music & visual arts to literature, mime, videos, etc. There are members from all churches, and along with professionals, there are students and amateurs as members. CAF promotes come-together evenings and other connections and encouragement among its members and art lovers, and also the use of various Christian artists or art forms in churches and organizations. The members operate in the secular field as well. It collects information about its members and distributes it in Finland, using for example printed directories. Since 1996, CAF has had a web directory, introducing many of its members. (Fi,E)  

Image Archives for Church Architecture and the Arts, University of Helsinki, Department of Practical Theology. Architecture archive focusing on modern Scandinavian and European church architecture. (Fi, E)

Institute of Arts, Science, Action and Faith, linked to Creative Arts Europe. (E)

Kristillinen Taideseura (Christian Arts Society). Started in 1919. Member of the Kirkkopalvelut association (Church Resources Agency), and founding member of Tieteen ja Taiteen Kristillinen Tukisäätiö (Christian Foundation for Research and Art), which was founded in 1978. Through the foundation, the society has for several years given grants for artistic activities. It established Kristillinen taidesäätiö (Christian Arts Foundation) in 2011 to support and promote art education, to give grants and support art projects. Publishes the Ars Magna magazine annually. (Fi)

LEV (Luovan evankelioinnin verkosto - Network of creative evangelizing), Finnish network of Christian artists, one of the networks of the Evangelical Alliance in Finland. (Fi)

Not by Might is a blog that encourages Christian artists to be 100% Christian and 100% artist. NBM also wants to encourage believers to conquer new areas of their God given creativity to lift up his name and Kingdom on earth. (E)

Helsinki University Department of Practical Theology. Lutheran. One of the international ventures is the research project on visual theology together with the Department of Art History of the University of Jyvaskyla, the Department of Church Architecture and Modern Church Art of the University of Marburg, and the Liturgical Institute of the State University of Groningen; this study investigates the ecclesiastical art and theology of images in Finnish churches. (Fi, Sw, E)
University of Jyväskylä, Research Institute for Church Art and Architecture (Department of Art History). The Institute produces art historical expertise in church art by offering research, training and development services, as well as distributing art historical information on Finnish church art and architecture. It also develops cross-disciplinary and international co-operation. The Head of the Research Institute for Church Art and Architecture is Heikki Hanka, PhD, Professor of Art History. (Fi, E)
Ars Magna. Since 1976, Kristillinen Taideseura (Christian Arts Society) has published the annual magazine Ars Magna. Members receive the magazine automatically and it is included in the membership fee. Others can subscribe to the magazine  here >>  
- Oili Mäki Museum Gallery, Äyräpääntie 14, Laajalahti, FI-02140 Espoo. Oili Mäki's museum foundation. The museum exhibits Oili Mäki's works from her 30-year career as an artist: tapestries, altarpieces, paintings and rya rugs. The museum has one of the most extensive collections of Christian art in Finland.