The Holy Spirit speaks many languages; among them the languages of art in all its forms. Frank Tracy Griswold

Visual meditations

Deborah Tompsett: A Thousand Bottles of Tears

Deborah Tompsett began making tear bottles wondering what sort of vessel could contain our most private prayers and expressions, that no one but God hears. 

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Deborah Thompsett Thousand Bottles of Tears

The Chaiya Art Awards

by Jonathan Evens

The Chaiya Art Awards 2018 proved hugely popular, with over 450 entries and more than 2,700 exhibition visitors.

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Exhibitions and events


List of exhibitions in galleries, museums and churches.

Plus a list of conferences, lectures and events, with a special focus on Europe.

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Christian calendar

The Scene in the Kitchen; Christ at Emmaus

by Marleen Hengelaar-Rookmaaker

The Antwerp painter Frans Snyders treats us to a richly filled table with vegetables, nuts, fruits and poultry, bread and wine - a celebration of the abundance of life. 

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Materials for Churches

Theodore Prescott: Taste and See, detail

Materials for Churches

Here you find materials for use in churches, categorized according to the Christian calendar.

There are also materials about the Old and New Testament.

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Church of the month

England: Churches in Little Walsingham

by Jonathan Evens

Walsingham is a village in North Norfolk, England, famous for its religious shrines and Catholic, Anglican and Orthodox pilgrimages in honour of the Virgin Mary. 

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Art and Poetry

Malcolm Guite & Andrea Mantegna: Ascension

We saw him go and yet we were not parted.
He took us with him to the heart of things. The heart that broke for all the broken-hearted 
is whole and Heaven-centred now, and sings.

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Art and Music

Still from demo clip Higashi Kara No (Eastern Wind)

Dobrinka Tabakova: Origami & Higashi Kara No

The playful composition Origami by Dobrinka Tabakova is accompanied by an enchanting video. The idea of presenting the cross fertilisation of East and West cultures is at the heart of the project.

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In the Spotlight

Socially Engaged Art - Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin

Growing dissatisfaction with an out-of-touch, elite and market driven art world has led many artists to rethink their practices and purposes. Some of them have turned to make what is now often termed ‘socially engaged art’. 

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