We need beauty, because there is so much ugly. Roberta Green Ahmanson

Visual meditations

Doreen Kellogg: All Things

My assignment was to illustrate the text in which Jesus declares that: “All things were created by him; he is before all things; all things were created for him; in him all things hold together.”

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Georges Rouault

A Visit to the Studio of Georges Rouault

by Jim Alimena

Everything we saw and learned reinforced my picture of a great man of faith and a great artist. 

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Exhibitions and events


List of exhibitions in galleries, museums and churches.

Plus a list of conferences, lectures and events, with a special focus on Europe.

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Christian calendar

Year A, Autumn Sunday 8, Parable of the Talents

by Marleen Hengelaar-Rookmaaker

Remarkably enough the person who has received the five talents is portrayed as a woman in this African woodcut. God is depicted as a tribal chief.

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Materials for Churches

Theodore Prescott: Taste and See, detail

Materials for Churches

Here you find materials for use in churches, categorized according to the Christian calendar.

There are also materials about the Old and New Testament.

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Church of the month

Mario Botta’s Churches in Ticino, Switzerland

by Anat Geva

How do Botta's churches address the dissonance between the stoic exterior of the mountains and the human scale of the church design?

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Art and Poetry

Abigail Carroll & Caravaggio

Dear Wounded Saint,

After the nails, the hush
of a seraph’s wings as you lay
in the hold of those luminous arms
your eyes three-quarters
closed, your head 
turned slightly back. 

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Art and Music

Still from Rosanna Cash: The Walking Wounded

Rosanna Cash: The Walking Wounded

We're just like little girls and boys
We play with grown up toys
We never thought of sink or swim
My brother hurts me so I hurt him
We are the walking wounded

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In the Spotlight

Socially Engaged Art - Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin

Growing dissatisfaction with an out-of-touch, elite and market driven art world has led many artists to rethink their practices and purposes. Some of them have turned to make what is now often termed ‘socially engaged art’. 

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